Welcome to Pawley's Reptiles

Pawley's Reptiles is a family owned business that has been providing customers with quality captive bred reptiles and educational shows since the late 1990's. Mark Pawley has been keeping and breeding various different reptile species for more than 15 years and also hosted the annual St. Jacobs Reptile Expo from 1999 to 2011. His son, Ethan Pawley, has been handling reptiles since he was a toddler and hopes to breed ball pythons in the future.

At Pawley's Reptiles, we believe that education and information are absolutely essential to the proper care and husbandry of these fascinating creatures and have devoted a great deal of our time to researching the animals presently available in the exotic pet trade. We have worked closely with local townships and cities in attempt to ensure that the bylaws that govern the ownership of reptiles and snakes meet the needs of pet owners as well as those of the animals being kept.

In 2003, we gave a presentation on the captive care of reptiles at the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and were also invited to speak at a televised discussion about the dangers involved in keeping large exotic animals such as lions, tigers, bears and wolves. Owning an exotic pet is not a responsibility to be taken lightly and it is important that reptile enthusiasts are aware of the rules, regulations and care requirements of the species they are interested in keeping.

A few years ago we were able to provide livestock for a number of local pet shops and though we do still occasionally have reptiles available for sale, we no longer breed animals on such a large scale. Our main focus is education and we believe that this is best started at a very young age. Our interactive live reptile shows and birthday parties give children an opportunity to learn about these incredible animals and eliminate some of the common fears and misconceptions that have been associated with snakes, lizards and insects for so many years.

Our website is frequently updated, so be sure to check back often for new photos, pages and information.